Our wines are available directly from our winery and at the following grocery stores, liquor stores, bars, and restaurants in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, California.


•North Coast Co-op Arcata, 811 I St, Arcata, CA, 707.826.8270 (Electra port-style wine)

•Safeway, 600 F St, Arcata, CA, 707.822.5217 (Syrah, Electra port-style wine)

•Wildberries Marketplace, 747 13th St, Arcata, CA, 707.822.0095​ (Electra port-style wine)

Crescent City

•Safeway, 475 M St, Crescent City, CA, 707.465.3353 (Syrah, Electra port-style wine)


•BevMo, 1626 Broadway St, Eureka, CA, 707.502.3843 (Syrah, Electra port-style wine)

•Gabriel's Italian Restaurant, 216 E St, Eureka, CA, 707.445.0100 (Syrah, Eau-de-Vie Cabernet)

•Harris & K Market, 3103 K St, Eureka, CA, 707.442.0109 (Syrah, Eau-de-Vie Cabernet)

•Humboldt Bay Tourism Center, 205 G St, Eureka, CA, 707.672.3850 (Electra port-style wine)
•​Jack's Seafood, 4 C St, Eureka, CA, 707.273.5273 (Electra port-style wine)

•Myrtlewood Liquors & John's Fine Cigars, 1648 Myrtle Ave, Eureka, CA, 707.444.8869 (Syrah, Electra port-style wine)

•Safeway, 2555 Harris St, Eureka, CA, 707.269.0133 (Syrah, Electra port-style wine)


•Beverage Plus Foods, 1221 Main St, Fortuna, CA, 707.725.9303 (Syrah, Electra port-style wine)


•Murrish Market, 3397 California 36, Hydesville, CA, 707.768.3604 (Syrah, Electra port-style wine)


•Safeway, 1503 City Center Rd, McKinleyville, CA, 707.840.9770 (Syrah, Electra port-style wine)